2015 Travel Horoscope

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2015 Travel Horoscope

You might like visiting these exotic places anytime, the excitement just doubles up when you get an added advantage to your travelling experience.Know your Travel Horoscope 2015 here.

2015 Aries Travel Horoscope
Destination on the cards: Leh
Most likely to: River Raft across Zanskar
This year, you will definitely get Leh’d. You are courageous, restless and love taking longer #holidays than short breaks. But let’s get real. Your office HR guy doesn’t walk around with a halo. You have to butter up the boss to go on a bike trip to #Leh. Changes are you will be successful. If it does not work, watch cat videos instead and help plan a holiday for a friend. You will earn enough holiday karma to visit #Bangkok towards the end of this year.


2015 Taurus Travel Horoscope
Frugal traveller
Destination on the cards: Goa
Most likely to: Snorkel in Palolem
You wont find yourself by watching Oprah or at the local watering hole. This year is all about a mental makeover. You will be renewing the way you see the world and might end up travelling extensively in 2015. What you can expect in a road trip to #Goa – works best for you since you are frugal and Goa has some amazing deals between May and July 2015. Suggest you start saving up to a set of mean wheels for the ultimate trip.

2015 Gemini Travel Horoscope
Adrenalin Junkie
Destination on the cards: Cherrapunjee
Most likely to: Camp under the living root bridge
The only thing that’s more enthusiastic than you is the caps lock button. That, coupled with the ability to take risks, sums up what lies in the store this year. #Cherrapunjee beckons. Just hope you don’t have to face the wrath of the rain gods. Seek advice from fellow travellers and expect to camp under the living root bridge between September and October 2015. You are also looking for opportunities to boost your self-confidence and social esteem. A backpacking trip across the northeast and a number of #Selfies splashed across your #Facebook page post trip will do the trick.

2015 Cancer Travel Horoscope
Road Tripper
Destination on the cards: Zuluk
Most likely to:  Driver through the old silk route
This year is all about fortune favoring those who love road trips. For those who haven’t experienced one, buckle up as it is going to be a hell of a ride! You re spontaneous. So expect a lot of road trips this year. And lets get real. No one is indispensable at work. So quit worrying about that. Research says the people who take more holidays are more productive at work. Take a clue from the French and plan your calendar.

2015 Leo Travel Horoscope
Destination of the cards: Ladakh
Most likely to: Go on the Dreaded Chadar Trek
The year 2015 so far seems dull? Worry not. You are a born explorer and energetic. This year you will take that leap of faith. Come June 2015 and you are most likely to end up camping and biking through #Ladakh. And since spiritual practices can keep you calm, whats more spiritual than sitting by yourself at the #PangongLake, Looking at the mountains with a bowl of steaming maggi? For all those Leos, who feel they can be dominating and possessive at time, this one trip to Ladakh will change your life. If you think you have overcome every challenge in the book, think again. Wait till you do the chadar trek.

2015 Virgo Travel Horoscope
Destination on the cards: Valley of flowers
Most likely to: Spot your first snow leopard
Virgos love talking up challenges. And no booking a tatkal on IRCTC does not quality. But in this year 2015, will be all about doing things your never thought you would do – trekking across the valley of flowers , skinny dipping and travelling by a Mumbai Local. And since you love planning things out and being the center of attention, what 2015 also holds for you is a trip to #Ranthambore to meet your nemesis – someone who also loves the spotlight – Machll – the celebrity tigress. Creatures of habit, you love carrying the world in your suitcase. This year, resolve to travel light. It will help you discover a lot more, and those poor souls who stand behind you at the check-in counter will go ‘hallelujah’.

2015 Libra Horoscope
Destination on the cards: Andamans
Most likely to: Scuba Dive with an elephant
If you thought there is nothing better than liposuction, think again. This year 2015, you will be blesses with a trip to the #Andamans. Librans are compassionate and romantic beasts. This year might throw up an adventure – ever gone scuba diving with an elephant? If you are finding a though time to maintain a work – life balance, suggest you also take a ferry from Hovelock and visit the Jarawa tribes to learn how life needn’t be so complicated.

2015 Scorpio Travel Horoscope
Daredev il
Destination on the cards: Bir-billing
Most likely to: Attend the paragliding World Cup 2015
POwer, position and being brave are three things that define scorpions. Which is why this year 2015, floating thousands of feet above the ground and flying across the hills is your calling. You don’t feel shy away from talking challenges head on. You are most likely to end up in bir-billing this October 2015 for the paragliding world cup. You are not someone who goes looking for  a dosa in #Darjeeling and have a sense of good food. This trip will take you to #Mcleodhanj and #Dharamshala where you will stumble upon some amazing cafes serving delicious tibtan and #ContinentalFood.

2015 Sagittarius Travel Horoscope
Destination of the cards: Varanasi
Most likely to: Embark on a Ganga trail
Being in your own world, you are stimulate by creative pursuits and great orators. Ever  since you watched the ‘Sattar-minute speech’ by Shah Rukh in Chak De India, you are looking for another soul-stirring experience. Well, travel always does the trick and having emerged wiser from your recent experiences, 2015 will be about letting go and finding yourself. A trip to #Varanasi is on the cards. Expect to find joy in the food and the spiritual aura of the place.

2015 Capricorn Travel Horoscope
Destination on the cards: Rajasthan
Most likely to: Go Dune Bashing in Jaisalmer
A small vacation lifts your spirits like nothing else. Being the meticulous planner you are, your future has planned something special this time. A trip to the gorgeous state of Rajasthan. It’s a place that tops the hospitality scale and since you tend to get moody at times, Rajasthani ‘Khaatirdaari’ is just what you need in 2015. You are optimistic by nature and you need that on this trip, especially when you are going at a high speed on a four-wheel drive bashing golden sand dunes in #Jaisalmer. #Rajasthan and you are a match made in heaven. Expect sparks to fly when you guys meet!

2015 Aquarius Travel Horoscope
Solo traveller
Destination on the cards: Ladakh
Most likely to: Attend the Ziro Music Festival
There is nothing more chaotic, unpredictable yet liberating and celebratory than a solo travel experience. For Aquarians, who trrive on these attributes, 2015 has something special in store. This year 2015, you will most probably travel solo across the northeast and end up discovering Ziro. Be prepared to be your own company and that should not be a problem since you love talking to yourself. Its your happily ever after – Ziro, you and a chance to reflect on life.

2015 Pisces Travel Horoscope
Destination on the cards: Kutch
Most likely to: Camp at the white Rann
Take it easy. Everyone knows you give work top priority. But its time you regain balance. If you think that PPT you made last week is your gift to mankind, wait till you end up in the white Rann towards the end of year 2015. Camping under the stars, you ill discover that the joy derives from star gazing trumps everything else you have been doing. Pisceans love sharing advice and you will definitely inspire a lot of friends to travel this year.

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