2016 CANCER Horoscope - 2016 Horoscope

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2016 CANCER Horoscope - 2016 Horoscope

For cancerians, the horoscope indicates that you will enjoy positive and caring aspects of Jupiter. This planet will be in sextile to your sign throughout the year. The year is likely to bring about a certain anxiety and a feeling of insecurity. This may correspond to profound internal changes and slow but real transformation of their personality.
Also for the first decanate cancer, Uranus continues to blow hot and cold as in 2015, causing unforeseen events, especially in the professional sector. Moving homes or regular trips are likely on the card.
For three decanates cancers, it will make you put up with the opposition of Saturn and will tend to somewhat sap your energy, and put a spoke in the wheels, especially during the first half of 2016.

2016 LOVE Horoscope for Cancer

For Cancer, 2016 will be starting with sweet moments. Even those that have been in a deep loneliness will suddenly see themselves in the middle of loved ones. Their private life will experience the love and romance. They will find a person that will awake their dream passion. Unmarried Cancer sign will fall into love matters. Until the mid of summer 2016, Cancers will live easily and openly, will be afraid to believe their good fortune ahead.

For most of Cancers, everything may change in June-July 2016. Luck will smile throughout the first half and September 2016. Cancer will be suffering from confusion and provoking conflicts. Their spouses will be happy by the fact that their dear partner now fight for love in earnest than before. This will strengthen the family for Cancer however some possible tensions with your partner in December are on the cards.

The year 2016 will end with all the same incredible joyful closeness that was present at the beginning. It is important to protect the family/ loved ones happiness from a external intervention.

2016 CAREER Horoscope for Cancer

Cancer’s professional life will have an interesting & exciting year ahead. In August - September 2016, they may expect some hurdles in achieving their projects. But, there would be eventually so many ways to overcome such obstacles. Delays and blockages in your projects are expected this year.

In summer 2016, there will still be another leap for Cancers. This time around, they will risk with their own projects having obeyed their inner voice.  In July - September 2016, Few of you may get new job options or chance to work on new projects. Its suggested for Cancers to work in a team, and they should assess their strength in a reasonable manner.

At year-end 2016, Cancer will be able to work independently, especially those who own their business or are planning to start a new venture. Stay philosopher and do not let the records accumulate. So you can get a fresh start in 2017!

Health: Minor ailments are likely to bother you for few months and you feel more tired than usual – more so in July / August 2016. 2017 sees you in a much healthier mode!

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