2016 CAPRICORN Horoscope - 2016 Horoscope

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2016 CAPRICORN Horoscope - 2016 Horoscope

You will experience deep inner transformation, whether conscious or unconscious in the new year. In the latter case, this may generate some anxiety for some, especially from January to March 2016 and then again from September.
Accept things as they are, and try to express all those feelings that overwhelm you. This year could also mark the beginning of a passionate love story. Work –wise, there is a lot of labour involved but ultimately it will not be displeasing to you, as the work does not scare you! Stay consistent in your efforts as from January 2017 everything will be much better already!

Single or already seeing someone, romance and passion is sure on during early 2016. Less favorable periods of the year to advance: mid July to late August. Go on holiday!

Best times to advance early September to mid-October 2016.

2016 LOVE Horoscope for Capricorn
Capricorn will have a kind of difficult choice in love this 2016. A small misunderstanding may someday break idyllic relationship in wealthy families of Capricorns.Unmarried Capricorns will experience all the joys and sorrows of love at first sight. Romantic events will be activated by July of 2016. This will be an enjoyable time, stormy, and full of passionate declaration of love. 

In summer of 2016, Capricorn will have to face a sudden burst of romantic emotions and will greatly regret that they are no more free. Not all but some of you will forget about reflection and this may be unsafe. In the end, you will face very difficult choices. Those who are not in LOVE will meet their true love. They too will also have to make some difficult choices especially on giving up something. 

Capriconrs will spend the entire winters in excitement, always a little in love. Partners have to come in terms with this because a genuine conversation or noisy quarrels will lead nowhere. Love will sweep them off their feet and turn their lives into a real chaos. 

2016 CAREER Horoscope for Capricorn
2016 will be a good period of business for Capricorns. The year 2016 will acknowledge events with amazing unexpectedness. The most suspicious capricorns may even fall into depression. . 

You should expect the unexpected in this summer. By Summer end, Capriconrs will realize they have achieved success in their businesses. They will experience an extraordinary clarity of thought for promotion of their projects. The career of Capricorn will witness some unexpected changes. Not all Capricorns will be in a position to accept such changes. 

The year 2016 will end at the peak of professional opportunities. All long-term projects one way or the other will demonstrate their success. Besides, there will be large capital that will require investment. You will look quite convincing at the end. 

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