2016 GEMINI Horoscope - 2016 Horoscope

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2016 GEMINI Horoscope - 2016 Horoscope

While the year may begin with some delays and annoyances (January and February), it should generally be rather quiet for you.
You could indeed feel some confusion, a lack of clarity on the professional level. Take advice from your good friends because you will struggle to see clearly by yourself.

Less favorable months of the year: April, May June and from mid-October to mid November 2016.
Best time to act: July and August 2016

2016 LOVE Horoscope for Gemini
2016 will begin slightly without passions, love & romance. Gemini may feel bored with this. The single Gemini will go for a journey in search to find their love partner. However, they will for a long time search for the only one with whom they will be happy throughout their life. They will have so many friends and sexual partners but have to be realistic with their demands.

In April 2016, they will be attracted to couple of people and crowd. Gemini may easily part with their family if their spouses does not support them. April to June 2016 will be slightly dangerous time for the family of Gemini, may have break ups during this time. The free ones will tear off in full. April, May, and June will be rich in emotion with the possibility of meeting for singles, especially during the month of July 2016.

In June - July 2016, Gemini will plug themselves into their invented world of thoughts and will be there to perceive reality in a distorted light. This will be slightly a dangerous period, explosive and fights with depression may come across in long terms relationships.

At year end 2016, Gemini will find love life like a magic but it will be a real fire. If this goes horrible; thing happens to married ones, they will leave family silently and will become empty-handed. Nothing will stop them except the thoughts going on in their own mind.

2016 Career Horoscope for Gemini
Gemini, Your professional life in 2016 will start promisingly. You will expect a career growth and a major role to play on good number of projects. And over time, this favourable trend will  keep on increasing. You should never be lazy and distracted as this is a very important stage in your professional as well as business life.  Hard work will be fruitful. However, at some point, it may seem that everything is useless.

With July - September 2016, business conditions will be on better side depending upon how the things has been managed. Work management will be on easier side. Gemini will be able to relax and think better on their personal preferences. In fact, they approach correctly, can start a new career during this period. The same trends will continue in August - October 2016.

They will achieve a new field of activity at the end of the year 2016. 2016 will end with a happy note on career development.

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