2016 Horoscope - A peep into the future

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Here is the forecast for the year to give you an idea of how you will fare in the coming times of 2016…

You will determinedly walk away from situations that bring unhappiness. Your love-life is back on track before August 2016. The work pressure will be high and even your position might be threatened till mid-year. Travel and business plans are likely. Fortune should favor you. You should be able to deliver what you have been aspiring for in the past few years. All you need to do is focus on your abilities, work hard and dedicatedly.
February swings the way for achievements. March – April will make you rich. You will be happier in you retain the fruit of your hard work.

Personal plans are likely to progress before March. There would be a continuation of business and professional success as you saw last year too. Financial gains would continue to be good till mid year. On the domestic front, things will look better after June 2016. There would be easier and happier trends. Building your home will become a priority for you. Monetarily, you will remain strong enough to invest in property.
Maintain a never say die attitude to succeed. Stay away from gossip and dont form new relationships.

The year augurs well for you. Promotions is on the cards. Travelling abroad will be possible in April – May 2016. Do not neglect your health. Eat healthy and work on your fitness. Love life will be smooth. Finances will finally turn around after June. It will be wise to be careful, maintain balance and avoid major controversies in your relationships during June – August 2016. Be generous and forget past grudges.
October – November 2016 will bring peak on energy. Do not play into the hands of a shrewed of colleagues.

Your stars shine in 2016. Breaking new grounds r foraying into a new business ventures is indicated in August 2016. Health, family and love life remain satisfactory. Take steps to restore relationships. Some improvements due to your own efforts, positive thinking and hard work will change your life. A dream period at work will begin soon, promising you a commanding position. With the hard work you put in, plans will get materialized. Saturn governs your career and profession.
September will give you happiness in many ways. Forget past grudges.

This is once again a bumper year for you. Be more visible socially and never take your problems to bed. You will make excellent progress. New areas will open up for you. Travel will bring in a lot of progress and growth. Your income will increase manifold. A significant period in marriage and love matters would come after april. Family remains supportive and you will not be disappointed by people around you.
May is your high point, you will be irrepressible. Do not leave things upto chance.

The year of achievements in both personal and professional spheres. Eligible are likely to find their soulmates by July. Negativity will give way to hard work and a determination to fix the problems that you are facing in life. Financially you are bound to do well. Promotion is indicated or you will sign new contracts. Social scene brightens. An ailment disappears in June- July. Family life remains fulfilling.
March is magnificent, so make the most of it. Do not allow yourself to be emotionally vulnerable.

The start of year 2016 appears most promising. While hard work will be present and you will be persistent and focused in all you do, still the level of success might slowdown a little bit. Monetarily, you remain strong enough to invest in property. Family and love life remain satisfactory. Avoid ego in your dealings with others. Socially a very nice period. Your friends will give you a helping hand in the hour of need.
January and February bring an energy surage. To boost your growth, place fresh plants in your home.

You will make a very positive turnaround in luck and fortune this year. Current relationship needs nurturing. You may regain total fitness by May. Spiritual endeavors provide peace of mind. Your financial problems and liquidity crunch will end soon, bringing in prosperity. Career will be in the limelight. Superiors, employers and people in position of authority would be instrumental in the growth of your career.
October – November brings romantic delights. Wear a green band on your wrist while attending important works.

You will have a excellent year. Amongst all signs, Sagittarius would have the best 2016. There would be gains and growth from various sources this year. Progress will come in due to support of family and friends. There would be some redeeming opportunities as long as you are flexible and know how to deal with others. Take minor problems in your stride and learn from opportunities that come your way.
May – July brings a massive boost to your income. Use more of blue colour to counter stress and boost your creativity.

You will have an interesting year as the high activity in career will continue. A lot of hard work has to be put in to reap rewards but keep going. The struggle will give you growth and returns eventually and might even bless you with a promotion. Your love life needs rejuvenation. Travelling overseas is a distinct possibility in October November. Minor ailments bothering you are set to vanish but you must focus on your health.
June – July offers you the opportunity to hit your peak. Arrogance and pride will not be rewarded. Wear red thread on Tuesdays.

You will continue with a difficult time but things will sort out after a while. Financially you are bound to do well. You will regain lost popularity with your sincere efforts. There will be news of success from foreign lands. Good progress in career as well as areas connected with your profession in indicted. Marriage of someone eligible in the family may be on the cards, which means you will make merry.
September October gives you best moments to shine. Do what is right and watch your best moments to shine.

2016 is easily the most crucial junction of your life. Health could become a cause of concern while hurdles also could be high till March 2016. There would be a rise in your  creative outlook. Health improves through efforts like yoga and meditation. Travel stars appear stronger in October. Hard work, honesty, diligence, listening to your own instincts would bring in a lot of luck for you. You should have faith in your abilities.
You will be in top form in September and November. Tried and tested ways may be the best. Charity must begin at home.

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