2016 LEO Horoscope - 2016 Horoscope

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2016 LEO Horoscope - 2016 Horoscope

You are likely to win a promotion in the first half, despite possible opposition from one of your colleagues who does not think highly of you. During the month of March 2016, be careful with your investments. A bit difficult year in love for the Lions of first decanate, who might feel a bit frustrated. For the second and third decans in love, it’s a good year ahead! And for singles 3 decanates – you are likely to meet your soul mates in October or early November 2016.
Health will be in good tone in July / August 2016.

2016 LOVE Horoscope for Leo

At start of 2016, Leo Love and romantic life will witness a strange period. Leo individuals will be very sensual, and will cause an immediate response from their side. With 2016, Leo will prove themselves as a wonderful lovers. They may not be able to control the  passion when they meet a former lover. The main thing in 2016 is not to build any plans, just enjoy Love life. For few this may lead to odd problems but will surely find a partner and will be no disappointments in sight. More efforts have to be made to restore emotional balance, and to try to avoid anger.

In June/ July 2016, Leo may expect something new, perhaps, romance, sex or adventure.  The free Leo individuals in this period will want diversity and something unusual. At work front, be as clear as possible with your colleagues, avoid situations disorders. At year-end of 2016, Leo having become tired of attention will search for someone who ideally meets their very high requirements. Their spouses will suffer most as Leo individuals will start to find faults in the relationship. The Leo bachelors; those are planning to marry will have to moderate their impatience else may face disappointment. The months of May and June 2016 will be good for carriers.

2016 CAREER Horoscope for Leo

The professional life of Leo individuals will be at best and this will lead to strengthening of their own self-esteem. Most of the events (like selection/ promotions etc.) that will occur in Aug - Nov of 2016 and will be amazing.
For few; will see all troubles in their business life suddenly go away. Career and business  side will grow up in 2016. However the social life will witness a difficult period. Every careless word will be perceived as a signal for immediate fight. It is better to avoid engaging yourself in lengthy conversations.

At the end of year 2016, Leo individuals will always be on lucky side. This time troubles may not affect them if they work hard on completing their projects. Leo like always, will have the energy, and their work will always be successful. Towards the year end 2016 - 2017, they may have problems in relations with colleagues and partners, if they would hide their opinion or simply fail to clearly formulate it.

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