2016 LIBRA Horoscope - 2016 Horoscope

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2016 LIBRA Horoscope - 2016 Horoscope

2016 shows that Saturn, the planet of restrictions, blockades, delays, and other frustrations of all kinds will leave it’s position in the new year. You live like a free bird, especially if you are the second and third decans.
Accept life’s lessons that Saturn requires you to live and learn; you will come out stronger and more mature in a few months. 2016 will not be a very big year for librans in love. Enjoy doing some soul-searching and getting to know your better half - better. The second half of the year (from July) will be less easy to manage. So take advantage of the beginning of the year to do what you have to do.

2016 Love Horoscope for Libra
Love and marriage will not be the main focus for Libra in 2016. Still, single Libra will live in a great sense of anticipation and this will be their driving force. 

The 2016 Winter will see Libra make a real mess of things. This period is characterized by a strong termination of previous relationships. Single Libras will quickly fall in love and also grow cold quickly having been frightened by the depth of passion. During this period, married Libra will feel like committing adultery. An individual should be aware that adultery would surely cause a rupture with their spouse. This period may witness hasty marriages for those Libra who had already lost their spouse in the past. 

In summer of year 2016, single Librans will experience unrequited love. Experienced Libras will themselves fall in love with someone which may lead to tension in the family.
In summner time of 2016, problems in the romantic life of Libra will disappear. There will be mutual understanding and constant physical attraction. They may meet someone with whom they will happily live forever. 

2016 Career Horoscope for Libra
In profession, the year 2016 will begin with some event that will compel Libra to mobilize.  In addition to professional achievements, this year will lead to a significant strengthening of self-esteem.Self determination will help them achieve success. 

The summner of 2016 will see them shining in their careers. Their smart and fighting spirit will remain at the possible peak. With Summer 2016; will be a period when they can make a career. All their ventures will be successful. This will largely contribute to high self-esteem. 

With finance; Fortunately all is not so bad! Indeed, especially in the second half of the year, your finances are in good shape, with an unexpected flow of money.

The end of the year 2016 will see their winning pace slowed down by routine businesses. In business activity, acquired self-confidence and trust in colleagues will help them get rid of the most boring and insignificant projects. You will face operational issues that will have to be solved quickly to avoid creating a new bunch of problems. The end of the year 2016  will again please them with interesting and important initiatives.

On work side, it is with finance, the sector will be the most promising for you this year. Invest yourself, and understand that the result of your work will not bear fruit immediately, those will come later .


Health will be a concern this year. Your horoscope says you may feel tired (e) or exhausted(s) for some time. Do not wait to see a doctor. There are times in life where you have the shape, and other or the least thing we tired ... well balances will be this year in the second case. Reduce your activities and rest you two times more than usual to recharge your batteries, if possible and avoid too violent sports (squash & tennis) to emphasize calm and progressive activities (swimming & walking)

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