2017 Year of the Fire – 2017 Animal Horoscope

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2017 Year of the Fire – 2017 Animal Horoscope

In the year 2017, the animal signs which receive good support from the year zodiac Monkey are Dragon, Horse and Dog. The Zodiac which will have to protect and defend from the clash with the annual zodiac sign are Rabbit, Monkey and snake. However with proper protection and care, the afflicted zodiac sign can also smoothly sail through the year.

Carrying a pendant or key chain of a dragon will help the afflicted animals signs in 2017. To ensure that the home is well protected in 2017, following basic feng sui corrections will be beneficial. 

-    Suspend a six rods metal wind chime at the south of your home or place a golden-colored door mat.
-    Have a décor in red or keep bright lights turned in the west of your home to mitigate arguments and fights.
-    Keep the northwest sector quiet and clean or suspend six I-ching coins with red tassels to mitigate sickness.
-    Place a water feature in the east to activate good luck and wealth.
-    A figurine of a pair of birds or ducks or a rooster in the north east of the living room can activate relationship and romance.
-    Place figurines of peacocks or birds preferably near the entrance or in the south sector of the living area.

By: The Feng Shui 2017 Forecast

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