2018 Horoscope for your Zodiac Sign

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Aries 2018 (21 March -19 April)
In this Year of goodwill and sentimental goodbyes to the year, it would be in your interest to strengthen relationships at all levels. It’s good Year s well for saying good by to dilemmas; otherwise they’ll tend to blunt your planning for the New Year and later. Remember, it’s focusing on devising new, novel or innovative approaches that will enable you to not just keep pace with new demands but get ahead of other s at important moments. A tip: work out how to hold your own against people who re constantly trying to block your progress in business, reviewing  your resources and options will be rewarding.
Gems        :     Diamond: Mid mornings
Colours     :    Purple
 Vaastu      :    Handloom
Numbers  :     26,29,31

TAURUS 2018 (20 April-20 May)
What’s the best course now that I’m about to step into a new year? This will be the prime question amongst many others that’ll be in your subconscious mind this Year. And yet, despite recognizing the importance of a carefully planned course, you’re likely to be tempted to postpone taking decisions and designing a new structure which will allow you to use your creative abilities fully. But the cards advise you not to hold back. Stepping onto new territory will also mean new challenges. You’ll gain by preparing for taking on challengers and proving your mettle, In business, anything new that you plan will work out well.
Gems             : Emerald: Early evenings
Colours         : Lotus pink
Vaastu          : Silk
Number       : 24,28,29

GEMINI 2018 (21 May-20 June)
The Year of peace and goodwill has arrived and it’s new year time, with its promise of a new environment, a new system of working, new goals, new aspirations. You’ll probably respond realistically, that’s not really new – it’s good but it happens every year. True, it’s an annual happening but it’s never quite the same, is it? Each time has its own special touch and each time, don’t forget, you’ve grown too in many new ways. Further growth can be yours if you make a resolve to tackle factors which prevent you from using your skills and talents fully. Financially, there’ll be stability and contentment.
Gems  : Pink pearl: Early mornings
Colours : Camel brown
Vaastu :Tie and dye
Numbers: 25, 27,30

CANCER 2018 (21 June-22 July)
Enjoy yourself, and more importantly prepare yourself to welcome a brand new year ideally, your preparations should include facing the New Year with ambitious, detailed plans in hand. Fortunately, events shaping up in the background will soon be carrying most of you towards new professional heights, new structures governed by a new set of priorities. So get set to move forward armed with all the many advantages you’ve gathered round yourself. It’s good Year to informally strengthen your network of contacts. In business, more dynamic marketing techniques will work in your favor.
Gems      : Ruby: Late afternoons
Colours   : Maroon
Vaastu   :Velvet
Numbers : 24,29,31

LEO 2018 (21July- 22 Aug)
After taking certain considerations into account, aiming straight and true at a couple of carefully selected goals for the New Year will be beneficial for you. In your case particularly, in this year that will soon become a part of history, there has at times been a gap between your inputs, output and the outcomes you had expected. If you can plan to rectify this. You’ll be a winner inspire of competitors who will also be playing for big stakes. Similarly, make sure your new ideas don’t just sound good but are also rooted in reality. In business and financial matters, profits and gains will be you’re to savour with relatively little effort.
Gems : Red coral : Afternoons
Colours : Brick red
Vaastu : Corduroy
Numbers: 25,27,30

VIRGO 2018 (23 Aug -22 Sept)
A good Year to build supportive relationships and strategies for the coming year. You must ensure that you’re at peace with yourself. This will be easier if you re on a vacation but will be possible even if you’re at work or at home. It’ll be a period of introspective growth that will make you tougher, smarter, more confident, more powerful, and more articulate. Making up your mind about what exactly you want to do will be half your battle won against chronic anxieties. In business, despite some generous spending you’ll still have healthy balance sheet with improvements round the corner.
Gems : Blak onyx: Early evenings
Colours : Chocolate brown
Vaastu : Batik
Number : 26,28,30
LIBRA 2018 (23 Sept- 22 Oct)
A part from enjoying this charged Year, make it count anything that is stereotyped, hackneyed, outmoded—leave it behind. In fact, like a good strategist, why not make your own new year begin from this Year itself? You can express yourself symbolically by opting for new or off beat things if you’re on holiday, dressing in your own individualistic manner, celebrating in your own special way and so on. It’s an ideal time for a brand new approaches that will enable you to tap your potential more fully or increase your contentment levels. In business, you’ll be in a strong position.
Gems : Yellow sapphire: Late mornings
Colours : Deep blue
Vaastu : Patola
Numbers: 24,27,30

SCORPIO 2018 (23 Oct-21 Nov)
This Year represents a happy time for most people, including you it’s also a time when little-little in cidents will combine to bring home to you that you’re ending the year with more power than before, with enhanced creativity and a stronger reputation as someone who can deliver whatever is required whenever necessary without cribbing. A tip: plan in greater detail, plan more specifically for the coming year, especially how to tap your talents in new ways and how to improve your appearance and be fitter and faster. Financially, you’ll be able to make up for heavier than routine expenditure.
Gems : Turquoise: Mid afternoons
Colours: Black
Vaastu: Printed
Numbers: 27,29,30

SAGITTARIUS 2018 (22 Nov-21 Dec)
In goodwill and cheer Year you’ll realize that you have a special responsibility of imparting an impetus to positive factors. This includes participating in useful discussions, seeking the views of people who are authorities in their own right, and putting your varied skills to good use. In the context of the New Year, if you wisely ponder over this consciously it’ll be like a tonic which will spur you to make all the right moves at the right time. It’ll also provide you with a cutting edge that’ll enable you to surge strongly into a new year. In business, a good time to case in on contacts you’ve established.
Gems: White coral : Late evenings
Colours: Mustard yellow
Vaastu: Hand embroidered
Numbers: 24,27,30

CAPRICORN 2018 (22 Dec-19 Jan)
Despite distractions, fine tune plans that will enable you to break new ground in the coming year. Don’t allow cynical thoughts to solidify. So what if you tend to be over shadowed at times by people who’ve been around  much longer and are craftier than you? It’s in on you to chalk out plans to showcase your talents more effectively. And what better time than to begin now in this social Year thought savvy networking? In business, try not to get taken in by honey coated projections. Its facts and figures you should consider and here you’ll have reason to be upbeat.
Gems: Blue sapphire: Early afternoons
Colours : Deep red
Vaastu: Block printed
Numbers: 26,29,31

AQUARIUS 2018 (20 Jan-18 Feb)
The cold this Year is intense, but it’s also a Year of great warmth –inside most homes, inside most hearts. Why not reach out and cash in on this highly charged period, Aquarians? This will, among other benefits, allow you to give reasonably free expression to your ideas and feelings. Go ahead, show people how useful your ideas can be. There’ll be enough evidence as well before you pointing quite clearly towards plenty of new variety and stimulation that you can tap in the coming year. In business, the picture will get brighter for you although you’ll still have to adhere to some sensible budgeting.
Gems : Opal: Mornings
Colours : Sky blue
Vaastu: Cotton
Numbers: 24,28,31,

PISCES 2018 (19 Feb-20 March)
You’ll be in and ideal position to open up fruitful communication channels even as you revive some old ones and reinforce current ones. With a new year full of potential, it’ll be equally important to have new action plans in place. People will want to be with you to celebrate Christmas and the arrival of the New Year but will tend to leave you alone to pursue you own agenda, thus giving you space. Make good use of this breathing space. In business and financial matters, most of you will be fairly satisfied with a distinct rise in profits and new possibilities.
Gems: Jade: Evenings
Colours: Green
Vaastu: Lace
Numbers: 26,28,31


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