Are Horoscopes real?

m a BIG fan with horoscopes. But now im starting to think it's not real. My sun sign is Leo, moon sign: Pisces, Rising: Cancer, mercury: leo, Venus: Cancer, Uranus: Aquarius. Point is, I love astrology and im starting to stop believing in it. What are some list reasons why it would be fake??

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i wont give you reason why it could be fake cause it's NOT. I'm a libra and my horoscope describes me perfectly. I can prove that horoscopes and astrology are real if your a true leo like my mom is. Shes outgoing and Very lively. She has a very bad temper when either shes hurt, or you disobeyed her in some way. Shes also one of the most generous people i've ever known. She can also be caring, if i was to get hurt, or if i'm upset. they love being the center of attention, and are very proud people. They like the best of everything, and like to be treated with dignity, like a queen. Which is very annoying in my opinion. They care a lot for their loved ones. Shes a neat freak, but that could be because of how she was raised.

It's real if your faith/ belief in it is real. When I hear "horoscopes", I think "placebos". Or "the Barnum effect". I have read my horoscope. It just seemed like it was SO vague. Like it could've applied to just about ANYBODY.


Where is the evidence that they have any truth in them? Everybody would be using it, if there was. Horoscopes in the newspapers - how can everybody born within the same 'sign' have the same fate awaiting them?

I dont really believe in horoscopes but I read them just for fun. But YAY your a Leo!! Just like me!! :D

No but reading the astrological traits is fun

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