Aries are compatible with what sign?

Zodiac Sign Aries are best compatible with what sign? Please suggest.

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The fire signs and air signs but like I've said before there is more to it then your Sun sign. When you are interested in sometime you should do a compatibility chart they are free on some sites like astro. Com. I'm suppose to be compatible with my bf and he's a Cancer and they are not suppose to be a good match for Aries. Your whole chart is what you have to look at.

Cancer. But Aries is very friendly, he may have a lot of friends, especially virtual friends. Capricorn , Leo can be compatible too with Aries,but Taurus, Aquarius and Libra no.

Taurus Girl :-)

Fire signs Leo and Sagitarrius.
Fairly compatible with Air signs.

Aries gets on with Geminis and Sagittarius.

Fukkk Aries its all about libra bitchhhh. Sorry!!!!

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