As per Vaastu what plants bring positivity?

I am thinking to have some plants in my living room or bedroom and lobby area. Please suggest what type of indoor plants or decorative plants help catching positivity?

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Always include plants in your office, home office, or study, they will help maintain positive energy and negate negative energy created by man-made electromagnetic energy.
In my opinion try a rubber plant in bed room, palm, money plant or peace lilly in lobby area.

Just like a lucky penny, rabbit’s foot, or other good luck charm, there are plants considered lucky remind you to look for opportunities and make the most of them.

Lucky Bamboo is a popular plant with a reputation for attracting health, wealth, happiness, and love.
Planting sweet peas in your garden attracts new friendships and gives you courage, which you might need to approach that certain someone you’ve had your eye on.
Peace lilies get their name from the white leaf at the top that resembles a white flag waving in surrender.

Almost all living plants are useful in the practice of Feng Shui. Their life-force, intrinsic beauty and health-promoting benefits are always positive, especially when auspiciously placed.

However, a few plants like Lucky Bamboo, Basil, Jasmine, Lemon tree, Lavender, Orchid and Money tree are traditional symbols of good luck, and communicate your best intentions for the recipient, especially when given as gifts.

If you feel very strong energy in the corner of living/ bedroom that is cold and chilling try placing a bushy plant in that area, by placing bushy plants in front of protruding corners in the home, will calm, slow the fast rotating energy generated by the sharp edge of the plant leafs.

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Hi, I am not an astrologer buy had read somewhere that one should not have Cactus or similar plants at their home. As per Vaastu; having such plants brings negativity and also affects relationships. Still if you want, you can go ahead and plant rose in around lobby area.


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