Does Horoscope matters?

I always read my horoscopes saying that I won't have a good year...or would never have a good husband...n happy family life...more workaholic and my life will be relations will be ruined? I'm so it true? Astrology?

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A horoscope is just a general reading based on the Moon sign for every sign.
Horoscopes is just for Fun, but Astrology takes a birth chart to analyze the 12 House cusps and its Signs Aspects, etc.
For those of us who uses Astrology, we come here because Astrology is not in one of the categories.

I don't believe in Horoscopes. I believe in Zodiac signs. I can't take a newspaper column that tells what I'm going to do today seriously.

Even if horoscope matters, you shouldn't rely on it. Live your own life. Take risks.
My dad says that no one can say anything about marriage, birth and death.

Horoscopes are purely fiction, created by scammers and believed by uneducated people. The stars do not affect your life in any way. Horoscopes are the work of the scammers in the world, if you weren't so stupid maybe you won't believe it in the first place.

Many astrologers today point out the negative to people and do not explain the strengths in a persons birth chart, and put more fear and worry in a person's mind than before. what is the point of that?
Western and Eastern Astrologers can become extremely Dogmatic and that is not the point of helping others or giving others hope and vision to see the bigger picture: to help others expand their mind and evolve to spiritual awareness of the Universe as the Divine Power.... think positive and fear and worry only produces more negative results in our Body, Mind and Spirit and that is not the point of life to be miserable :)

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