Does your name affect your life?

Whats the importance of our name in our life. Does it plays any role in Astrology/ Horoscope??

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Your name is important for every one. If you have an attractive name it may bring good to you. Sounds can produce positive or negative vibrations and this has already been proved scientifically.

Yes, in my opinion name can affect your life to some extent. Every day multiple people calls you with the same name and Name is nothing but a particular type of sound. If the person calls your name feels happy and comfortable while calling your name it may give you positive vibrations.
Names can affect human life-this is my opinion.

It may appear to be mere crap for some people. I don’t agree that Numerolog, Astrology, Vaastu Shastra and Name theory can not be proved scientifically.

If your name is easy to pronounce, common or sounds noble then there are chances that people will favor you more, people think you're smarter or you are more likely to work in a high-ranking position.

Your name can affect your standing at work, your success with the opposite sex - even where you choose to live. JV Chamary investigates.


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