Superior Zodiac Signs

Why do people argue over which zodiac sign is superior to another? And why do people hate specific signs?

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Because most likely they have gotten hurt or had bad experiences with numerous people within a certain sign so they feel it is save to generalize an entire zodiac sign. to be honest as an astrology lover I can be guilty of this myself, however I do understand that people have other elements in there birthchart which is a big influence on there sun sign.

Just my observation but some people like to argue. Not just here but all over the globe. The sad thing is, some get so angry and will kill you over a dime .I don't come here with unreasonable expectations and since anyone can sign on ,it is not a surprise or even something I would spend my energy on trying to change.

Some people are very passionate when it comes to horoscopes and such.. nothing to worry about. Just like how some people are really passionate about politics and they argue with others who don't agree with them.

It's because they are too lazy to like them.

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