Is human nature depend on their zodiac sign??

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All of us can be lazy—even workaholic Capricorns, busy Geminis and obsessive Virgos.
Taurus tops the list, not because they are inherently afraid of work.
For Cancers, laziness takes root in their tendency to worry. Cancers can end up overeating, sitting around or wasting their time on meaningless things in an effort to distract themselves from their emotions.

To be honest any sign can be lazy. A lot of people say Earth signs are lazy but not all of them. Some of them can be hard workers. Lazy to me is when someone has no goals in life, they want someone else to take care of them financially, & they dont try to get a job or go to school.
Yeah every sign has a lil lazy in them & there is nothing wrong with that as none of us are perfect.

Sagittarius can be procrastinators. That's for same sure.
Leo's usually are hard workers but if you give them that chance to have a nice lazy day, they'll take it.. I definitely do the same as a sag. I feel like if I don't take at least one day without stress, then I don't feel as recharged. I need one day of not being bothered

Laziest: LIBRA, Taurus, Pisces, sometimes Cancer
Leos aren't usually lazy but love making other people work for them.

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