Why do people believe in this horoscope

Why do people believe in this horoscope stuff? I don't understand it at all.?

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I'm a Leo and people say Leo's are self centered, confident, loud and aggressive and I'm none of these things.
I'm shy, insecure, sensitive and i don't like too much attention.

We enjoy horoscopes but don't rely on it as there are many other factors in this world. Still, get out of the astrology section!

Astrology is interesting science you don't have to take it for granted. It's funny and exciting to read some accurate things about yourself, how magical the planets are nested with each individual of us. You simply figure out what you love, hate about yourself and others. How people accept your vibes, What are you looking for in this life in general. You don't have to understand everything in the world at least now :)

Because people love to believe in ridiculous superstitious things and most of the horoscopes have not-so-horrible predictions. If the predictions are perceived to have come true by the subject, they claim it's proof, if it doesn't they claim they just must've missed or forgotten the part that it did haha.

I think it's mainly for fun.I think people are so interested in astrology because it list all your good traits and it makes you feel better about yourself

horoscope prediction is an astrological map that illustrates future possibilities whether it’s your career, business, love, health or fashion.

Source: https://www.cyberastro.com/services/yearly_prediction.asp

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