Venus & Pluto conjunction

All You Wanted to Know about Venus & Pluto conjunction Venus takes 584 days to complete a full circle and transit between all the houses. Its influence is active for a short term - just a couple days, but it’s intense and can be even life changing. In this article we will be focusing on... read more

Numerology 2015

Numerology 2015

2015 The Year Ahead by Madan Gupta Spatu Major forecast for 2015 The central government will complete two terms. Indian may lose a very popular leader this year. The country will mark its position in space, as Saturn is the planet air. More development will be in the field of construction, mi... read more

Horoscope 2015: The year of Fulfilment

Horoscope 2015: The year of Fulfilment Unrealised dreams, turbulent relationships and health issues are common afflictions that trouble many of us. Take heart, the year 2015 has been deemed the year of fulfilment by astrologer, Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma. Aries Mar 21- April 20 On the whole, the yea... read more

2015 Travel Horoscope

2015 Travel Horoscope

You might like visiting these exotic places anytime, the excitement just doubles up when you get an added advantage to your travelling experience.Know your Travel Horoscope 2015 here. 2015 Aries Travel Horoscope Adventurer Destination on the cards: Leh Most likely to: River Raft across Zanskar... read more

Number crunching for Bollywood in 2015

As 2014 comes to a close, we look at the releases our stars have lined up ahead. For starters, Salman Khan has already booked two coveted holidays for his next two releases – Eid for Kabir Khan’s Bajranghi Bhaijaan with Kareena Kapoor Khan and Diwali for Sooraj Barjatya’s Pre... read more

Astrology Forecast for 2015

In keeping with Ganesha’s blessings for the new year 2015, BEJAN DARUWALLA presenting you soul traits for new age living. It is a new slant and perspective.  Aries: March 20 – April 19 Helping to manifest divinity on earth through thought, planning and will; aligning personal wi... read more

2015 Zodiac Signs & Astrology Predictions

This article will tell the people who start their day after seeing star rotation or their horoscopes.. you can cope up your problem. You can increase or improves your strength through it. People with different zodiac sign can see their sunshines for this current year 2015. Aries  March 20 &n... read more

2015 Upcoming Luxury Cars on India's Shore

2015 Need for Speed: Arrival of the luxury fleet on India’s shores When it comes to the premium car space India has never had it better; the very snazziest of Hot Wheels in real life. The trend started a few years ago, and newer luxury models and players are now zooming around the market. 2... read more

2015 Must See Movies

Kingsman: The Secret Service Releasing on February 13, 2015 Cast: Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Caine, Sofia Boutella, David Beckham Director: Matthew Vaughn Music composed by: Henry Jackman Chappie Releasing on March 6, 2015 Cast: Hugh Jackman, Sharlto Copley, Sigourney Weaver,... read more


Astrology is worth as much as you make of it. Astrology is the science practiced by Astrologers, who according to historical documents mostly had dual roles in medieval times, those of Scholars and Priests. It was considered a privilege to study the "Godlike science" of Astrology during... read more