Native American Zodiac Signs Meaning & Horoscope

Native American animal symbols can encompass just about all the animals, and their symbolic representation to the many tribes of the Americas. To narrow down the focus a bit, this page is devoted to birth animals – or zodiac animals. Many Native American cultures have the belief that a person... read more

2015 Horoscope for your Zodiac Sign

2015 Horoscope for your Zodiac Sign

2015 Horoscope: Aries Through out the year 2015 and these first months of the new year 2015, efforts put in will fetch you results sooner than expect. Of-course, to sustain your success, you will have to rely on a combination of your efforts and pushing other hard. With good reason, you will be re... read more

Intelligence and Your Zodiac Sign with Astrology

What does your horoscope say about your intelligence? Whats the connection between intelligence and your zodiac sign with astrology predictions? Admit it or not, we often wonder if we are intelligent enough. Intelligence is the essential skill of the 21st century and is therefore expected of us.... read more

Venus & Pluto conjunction

All You Wanted to Know about Venus & Pluto conjunction Venus takes 584 days to complete a full circle and transit between all the houses. Its influence is active for a short term - just a couple days, but it’s intense and can be even life changing. In this article we will be focusing on... read more