How would this horoscope family react with each other?

Father - Virgo
Mother - Libra
The Pisces son is the youngest. The Leo is the middle child. Virgo is the oldest.

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Your family will be fine and calm...but sometimes you might not be so even. Your mother and father love the son a little too much and might spoil him since the pieces is usually weird but lovable.
Both of the Virgos try to help each other but sometimes cannot agree on the same terms. The middle child is a middle child, but gets a lot of attention from her family.


Father, older daughter and son are easy going, go with the flow type people, being mutable signs. Father and this daughter spend much time evaluating and even criticizing things and folks around them.
Mother is the intermediary between the youngest daughter and everyone else. Mom cares about peace and harmony within the family so she tries to ease the younger daughter's actions. She is a firecracker and wants what she wants. She is not laid back or shy, but can be generous and loving.

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