What signs are the most family oriented?

What signs are the most family oriented?

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Cancer rising or a chart with a strong 4th house with Moon in their or having Moon rising gives a strong tendency to be attracted to family life and children.

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Who is not family oriented? anyone pop up from earth like a watermelon? lol, just kidding. if they are in love and have no financial problems, who won't make cute little babies?

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Cancer and Taurus. I have best friend in both sign and they definitely family oriented! Cancer love to stay home and just spend time doing things there. While Taurus will always care about each family members.

Cancer specially to the mother.
They rule the 4th house, house of emotions, early childhood, motherhood, roots, and family in general.

Cancer, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus. All four are very family/home oriented and care very much about their family life.

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