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Start by treating your job like a wealth creating asset!
Your job provides you the best and quickest way to earn a secure income every month. It does not matter whether you are passionate about your work or not unless you have inherited millions from a rich aunt, staying in a job, maximizing your income, saving and investing a large part of it here is how you can increase your income from your career.

Earn That Bonus
Do you know what will earn you a bonus/ incentive this year? Ask your manager and understand the breakup. It is your probably a combination of division/company performance and individual contribution. Focus on the part that you control and plan intermediate outcomes to hit  the quarterly or annual targets in time. Discuss your achievements and shortfalls weekly or monthly with your team leader so that you can get the resources or inputs required to reach your target. Know that hitting your bonus is good news for both your boss and the firm.

Discuss Your Increment
Getting a raise is the fastest way to earn more. Don’t wait for increment time to know how you have performed with respect to expectations and what kind of increments are given by your boss regularly. When you meet or exceed them, share an email to keep track of the work. Three months prior to increment tome, sit down with your manager to talk about performance and negotiate on expectations. Even a 2% additional increase puts more money in your pocket and has a compounding effect on future salary. Choose a good time for the meeting- like when you have exceeded your sales target. Finally, understand the company’s perspective and speak about the future. Employers prefer to give high bonuses as a reward for past achievements and high increments as a retentions for future contributions.

Work Your Benefits
Your total income is much more than your base salary. while negotiating your compensation, don’t ignore other components in the package . every firm has a host of benefits that is willing to negotiate on that will save you money  and increase disposable cash in hand . Even simple benefits like conveyance or telephone reimbursements add up to thousands of perks.

Get Promoted
The fastest way to get a large hike  is a promotion. And the shortest path to a promotion is to live the role before you are promoted into it. As a team member in new project, demonstrate ownership by taking the lead to see the project to completion. Make sure that your manager knows that you are working toward a promotions. Next, keep an eye out for internal job posting(IJP). When you find a suitable opening, highlight your achievements while applying for the role . Regular promotions make for a predictable path to financial freedom.

Be The Replacement
Is the firm hiring a replacement for someone who left your team? Do you think you can handle responsibility in addition to your own? Showcase your suitability, how you will balance multiple roles and deliver outcomes. Request for an increase in compensation that is a fraction of what a new hire would cost the firm.

Lead The Tech
Is your employer introducing  new technology or data related processes? Dive in with enthusiasm and be a champion for the new technology. As n early adopter of change, you will find yourself dispensing advice and helping people figure it out. Not only do you learn new skills that earn higher pay in job interviews, but you also make yourself indispensable and eligible for higher increments.

Friends Make Money
Why not make money when your firm employs your qualified friends? It is an all round win –for your firm, friend and you. Check out the company’s referral policy and the regular referral emails received from your HR. Unlikely your colleagues, actively work on the requirement, reach out to people you know to discuss their interest and refer them awards. If there is no one in your immediate circle then reach out to second degree connections. Do this regularly in 2018and build a second source of income within your own office while you bring cheer to the people you refer and your firm.

Overtime And Travel Pay
Does your firm offer overtimes benefits like pay for extra hours, free dinner to a chauffeured drop back home? Similarly, id you are travelling abroad or within the country on office work, do you get a per diem allowance to meet expenses? In most firms, the overtime and travel benefits can be lucrative, and you can add a few thousands to your monthly take home.

Switch Jobs
If you have completed a reasonable amount of time with the firm – say2-3year-and your increments aren’t exciting, consider switching jobs . A change of job usually earns you 10% to 30% hike in salary and gets you closer to your wealth goals. However, if you get branded as a wanderer and potential employer will avoid you.

Put Money at Work
All your efforts will be in wain if you are working alone towards your wealth goals. Multiply your outcomes by putting your money to work alongside you! Wealth creation does not stop when the salary hits your bank. To be wealthy faster, put aside the biggest chunk of your income it into assets like equity to grow it over time.

By: Devashish Chakracarty


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