How to stay fit this year 2018

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How to stay fit this year 2018

More than 50% of the population world wide resolves to loose weight and get in shape in 2018. But we all know  the drill. In January we decide to loose weight and start working for it but by February we are lagging behind and by the end of first quarter, we give up, promising our-self that we will try next year. Let’s change this tradition and abide by this resolution this year.

Health expert Nidhi Mohan kamal from NidSun Weight Loss gives some points to keep in mind while trying to achieve this goal in 2018.

Make a Resolution: A recent scientific study has shown that people who have weight loss as their main new year resolution were 11 times more likely to loose weight than people who didn’t, because they are more likely to seek professional help to reach their goals.

Seek professional help: This can be a hard to achieve goal if there is no one to help or support you. They might suggest ways to deal with setbacks or obstacles you may face. So, find someone who can help you achieve it – a weight loss expert, personal trainer or a doctor.

Get Active: Two – three hours of gym may be a big commitment to start with, so start with a 20 minutes walk and make it a routine. If you make it the first thing you do in the morning, then you wont have time to overthink it and you will stay active all day.

Have a realistic body image: Don’t rely on others opinion about your body and instead measure your BMI and fat% to get a proper idea.
Stay sober and green: Do away with alcohol and add greens to your daily diet.


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