Intelligence and Your Zodiac Sign with Astrology

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What does your horoscope say about your intelligence?
Whats the connection between intelligence and your zodiac sign with astrology predictions?

Admit it or not, we often wonder if we are intelligent enough. Intelligence is the essential skill of the 21st century and is therefore expected of us. It is a powerful survival asset in today’s world and a mighty discerning tool. Your horoscope sign will show you just how intelligent you are!

Even in the ancient times, the wise men used horoscope to determine intelligence. Old civilizations deeply believed that some horoscope signs are luckier this regard than others.

For example, it is believed that Aquarius is the leading horoscope sign when it comes to intelligence. This sign represents pure wisdom and cleverness. It is believed that the Aquarius had many turbulent past lives, which places them in advantage to other horoscope signs.

Pisces on the other hand possess creative intelligence. They may lack in resourcefulness and determination, but use their creative intelligence to express themselves in unique ways.
Aries often obstruct their enormous intelligence with stubbornness, while Taurus, despite also being stubborn, make up for this by using logical intelligence. Taurus has also had an eventful history of karma, which is why fighting their own battles is simply in their genes.

Gemini are highly intelligent and use this skill cleverly, yet their nature causes them to hide it. Cancer’s oversensitivity often prevents them from using higher levels of intelligence.

Leos, as strange as it may sound, are of average intelligence. They will hardly admit to this fact. Virgos also fail to display too much intelligence – it is the romance that plays a far more important role with the Virgoans.

Libra is one of the leading horoscope signs when it comes to intelligence. This simply comes natural to them; it is the way they were born and it has always been like this for the people born in October.

Scorpios are intelligent, but this skill often clashes with their innate cruelty. The “venom” they use to scare others may turn against them, but this is hardly true for the Sagittarius.

Intelligence of Sagittarius is crystal clear and explanatory of their surroundings. Because of this social intelligence, they are often seen circulating the large crowds.
It may come as a surprise that Capricorn has the sexual intelligence! This sign simply exudes sexual power. This is simply how the planets were aligned on the days ruled by the Capricorn.

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