I got a new job and I love it, but one problem?

Is that they all think I am shy? And this doesn't really help. Some people interpret it as me being very arrogant and mean and rude. Sometimes aloof. When I do not mean to be like that at all. I was just wondering if eventually I will be able to settle down in this job and feel relaxed a bit.

DOB: 05 may 1985 at 17:37pm in london uk.

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Being in a good environment is beneficial no matter what kind of job you have. I kinda had the same problem in my last job and I really didn't look forward to work, though I liked what I did it really much. What you need to do is to enter one person at a time and show them who you really are. Push out that smile and try to relax and be yourself and soon enough, they will tell other co-workers that you aren't that arrogant or bad after all. You can just "excuse" yourself for your shyness and say that it's nothing personal if you have real problems with someone. I said that to a co-worker and we now are really close collegues. I'm in a dream-situation at work now because I dared to tell them that I am the way I am, a little too carefull and modest, but at the same time very handy. Don't change yourself! Just be a bit more open to your co-workers! If they still can't accept you after that, they should look at themselves. Good luck!

In general your horoscope is perfectly OK in the area of your profession. You will do better. There are bright chanes that you will be very famous in your profession and your name will figure in the media also.
Your 7th house is affected. When you are looking for your life partner please be very careful.

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