When will I get a job according to my horoscope?

My date of birth is January 27, 1988. I am a male, born in New Delhi, India at 08:39 AM. I was recently layed off from work. Was there any indication of this happening according to my chart?

And how soon will I find another job and which gem stone can increase my chances? Some people have told me to wear Neelam/Blue sapphire. Will this stone help?

Please and thank you.

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There are no problems in the chart. The good time is now so you will soon find another job.
Mars in own house in 10th shows that you are very aggressive so that could be the reason for losing job.
You need to learn to keep a cool head at all times under pressure.
You should wear neelam (blue sapphire) as saturn is the lord of the ascendant.

No that doesn't work. Wearing stones won't get you a job.

Just apply and follow up.
Good luck.

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