Leo Horoscope 2017 - 2017 Year Ahead

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Leo Horoscope 2017 - 2017 Year Ahead

You cant really work out which of your ambitions are destined for success until after August so until then the best you can do is  experiment trying different people and practices out for size.

The Year Ahead: Mercury, the planet of sparkling wit and repartee will be your ally for much of the year, encouraging you to put yourself forward as the person with the brightest ideas and the smartest answers. Naturally friends and colleagues will be impresses and you may be on the receiving end of social favors or professional acclaim. But arrangements may come unstuck and partnerships broken but by September you will be firmly back on track. That is why it is always so important to keep your feet firmly on the ground and avoid the rash commitments that may get you into deep water.

Love and Romance: You will have but the other people will be maddened by your sudden changes of mood and highly perplexed by your strange and contradictory statements. May could be your most existing month but October could be the most rewarding just as long as you remember that other people have their own feelings and desires. Trusting other people might be a good start.

Career and Money: Your year gets way with such astrologically harmonious conditions prevailing that there is no danger you will come unstuck, providing you adopt a subtle approach to your affairs. There are also excellent indications for those is the property market but done be reckless or you may get more that you bargained for.

The work is your oyster. 

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