Libra Horoscope 2017 - 2017 Year Ahead

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Libra Horoscope 2017 - 2017 Year Ahead

You might experience personal friction from February to September but that can be an extremely good thing, passions will rise and you will be kept on toes. 

The Year Ahead:  You are in for a busy year ahead. The stars top advise is to organize yourself, keep a pen and paper handy at all the times write down your thoughts whenever you can, before they vanish like illusions in the night. Its likely that you will be firmly set on a new course of income coming your way after July. You will be tempted into a speculative enterprise but double check all those promises of huge profits.

Love And Romance: Venus will be passing through practical zones in January and February, suggesting that these will be both prosperous and happy and sociable. A fresh acquaintance in April could form the basis of a powerful new friendship in July. 

Career And Money: You will have to sort out your financial affairs in February, taking decisions about your savings and what you can afford.  The new Moon on May 24th looks excellent; you are bound to make a fresh start and embark on a new prosperous cycle. Career wise October and November are powerful months, although the rewards may take a while. Caution is counseled, although some change does look inevitable. 

Think now what the world can do for you – but what you can do for the world. 


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