Believe in zodiac signs love compatibility

Do you really belive in zodiac signs love compatibility?

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I believe it is a yes but it has to be based on Sun,moon,Mars,and Venus signs. What I have experience have been true. I m an Aquarius who stuck on some Gemini and regretted dating a literal virgo.

I believe in Mars-Venus compatibility. Twice in my life I've been very attracted to Venus in Taurus men whose Venus conjuncted my Mars in Taurus. I've been with the second one for a long time. I'm a Pisces and I've known water sun sign people that I didn't like much at all.

I believe astrology is a first cousin to racism. No one chooses when they are born.


It is what you are looking for. If seeking a true, long lasting and great relationship then Hindu or Vedic astrology provides a real knowledge about the quality of relationship between two participants. Otherwise to flirt around you don't really need anything or any astrological advice.

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