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I want to know if there is any dating site that allow you to search people by horoscope, for example: to tick the "Taurus" sign and show me all the Taureans available,it might sound weird but I do believe in astrology so,if there is any site like this help me!

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Try is the dating site to use the entire birth chart to find you your matches not just your sun sign though you can do a search for Sun signs that you know you like. Its free while its in BETA testing and you get a FREE in-depth astrology report all about you!


I don't know, but you can try I go there sometimes just to see pictures of people of certain zodiac signs. You can search for people in there and put the zodiac sign as one of the words you want to search for.
I think that's the best I can offer you, but it's not too bad!


yea I use that stuff to see if the guy could be the right one.. I dont even know why.
I am a taurus and my dude is a capricorn which in most things are the best match.

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