Do age-gap relationships work out?

My girlfriend is nine years elder to me and we both are very serious to take it ahead. I'm in my last year of graduation and she's ready to wait for next three to four years until I get settled. But right now I'm at a stage in life where everything seems gloomy- career, post graduation, job.
We both love each other, and though I dot believe in the zodiac, even there its a perfect match, I'm a Capricorn and she's a Virgo.
Need some guidance.

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I can't say anything will work out between us because thats the gamble of a relationship and really, what i have learned from my friends is that as long as you both try and support the other and can have fun together, then avoiding the struggles of the age gap should not be a problem, after all its just a number.

Its all about love and connection at the end of the day, if you have it then u can make it work.

Here's hoping both of our relationships work out!

I always say 5 years is like the best choice, for some reason that age gap works, they usually get married easier, and I'm talking about the male being older of course

So my advice ladies and gentlemen
If you're a girl date someone 5 years older, if you're a dude, date a girl 5 years younger

Not more not less, just 5 years,..

If the woman is nine years older than the guy, it's not likely it will work out in my opinion. In fact it's more like a mother-son relationship, and indicates to me that both parties have issues.

They actually work out quite well- well as well as any smaller age gap relationship. My close friends have partners older than them, 23 & 27 and happily married, 25 & 34 and have been in a long term committed relationship for 5 years, & i am currently getting to know a guy 7 years older than myself and yeah its a bit awkward at times.

I don't get all of his movie references and don't carry as much responsibility as he does. I'm attending college and he works 5 days a week. ( I m a Taurus and he is a Scorpio if u care to know)

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