Should i believe in love horoscopes?

Okay well i was just wondering if love horoscopes r even accurate and i'm not sure if i should believe it or not. i read something about gemini's (me) and aries (my crush) being perfect for each other and the descriptions were actually true but people say to not believe it cuz it's just like another religion and they're not true so yeah.

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Horoscopes are entertaining but don't confuse it with Astrology. Astrology is more personal while Horoscope are more generalized for the population. As for the perfect match between Gemini and Aries, it is possible since fire & air do blend together.

To really see the duration of the relationship or if it is short-lived, you need to study the Ascendant, Moon, Sun, Venus and Mars position by house and signs well as your partners. By comparing your charts, a good astrologer can see where their is harmony and where their is stress and in what areas.


Which horoscope is the real one? There are thousands in print and online and no two will be alike.

Astrology is am ancient, made up, belief based, unproved, and stereotyping fortune telling. No person can control when they are born. Making astrology a bigoted concept, akin to racism and sexism.

Take charge of your own life and use the freewill that you have. Why let others tell you how to pick and choose your relationships?


You should not believe the love horoscopes which simply based on the matching zodiacs, that is not enough to confirm the compatibility.

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