What zodiac signs has the most attractive females?

Speaking from your experiences or opinions. And what is YOUR zodiac sign as well?

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Well i personally think any sign can be attractive especially if they are smart, & nurturing. But for the sake of this question, i think Gemini, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces & Cancer women are very beautiful to me. Especially the water signs because they got this motherly look that i love.
I also like air signs because of how smart & unique they are. They got great facial features. But really if they personality is right, i would still give any sign a try

I am scorpio and They usually Jump in so I'd go for Scorpio and it's not just me...I have Scorpio friend....and the guy got a scorpion Tattoo on his chest every time he go to the beach he always come back with 1 or 2 girls... I am not bragging but I see other signs have problem having girlfriend or having sex but Base on both of us.....we got it secure I think....... but It's all about your sign i mean It's not like you just go to the girl and say "hey I am a scorpio ...my sign say I am good in bed so let's have sex", The look, Your word, Personality It;s not really about your zodiac sign because I am sure there are some scorpio out there who haven't had sex and will probably die a virgin...The zodiac sign help only if the girl is Horoscope believer

Gemini - they are pretty
Scorpio - they are sexy
Virgo - mix of pretty and sexy

Leo and Taurus and Gemini

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