What's my love horoscope for 2015?

Hi astrologer. . I am 34 years still looking for real love. My date of birth is 23 of march 1980 And zodiac sign is Aries. Please suggest what's my love horoscope for 2015 and 2016 year.

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2015 could reveal what’s hidden in the shadows, like buried feelings, unacknowledged attractions. Mars and Venus travel together through sensual Taurus until the 11th, combining their romantic powers, which could help put some more structure into your closest unions.
April 2015 is all about daring exploration, so stay open to the unexpected, and turn to your individual forecast below for all your love answers.

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During year 2015 your love life and relationships would be at their best. You would be able to see your partner/spouse in a new light. The Saturn-Jupiter trine in this period shall be able to support your romantic needs for this period.
Take some time off from work to spend quality time with your partner/ spouse. Keep your emotions under check and make fresh moves that would surprise your partner.

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Aries Love horoscope 2015
Aries horoscope sign shows a loving heart and a youthful attitude towards love. You have the need for security in your love relationship. If you feel unsure about something in your relationship your horoscope 2015 advises you to discover what it is in order for you to maximize your love horoscope results!

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Aries, the year 2015 is a mixed bag of emotions when it comes to your love life. On one hand, you can expect new opportunities and strengthening of old bonds, while on the other hand, you may encounter significant strain in your relationships, especially later in the year. This will happen when Venus retrogrades in your love sector in August, and Mercury retrogrades in September. The powerful driving force of Mars also enters your love sector in August and September. Together these forces could bring about huge positive changes to your love life.

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