when will I find love and description of that man?

I am divorced since 2006. no kids I would like to know when will I start relationship that leada me to my second marriage and description of that man. Younger or older than me? From my country? I was born on 11th of February 1976.Serbia, Novi Sad Please, I will be so happy if I get some kind of response :-)

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If you really want to find true love forget about dating sites and party clubs, be patient. I know it's hard but be patient and as warning once you're ready to do anything for your love get ready to go through a heck lot of things. It's love, what did you think, it was gonna be easy?

So sad...yes you will find love. Recall the reasons you got dumped and try to change if its usually the same and if its something that could be changed like you have poor hygiene.
Dont take it so hard after a dump, its really not you, it just wasnt a good fit so think of it as a learning experience.
there is a love waiting to meet you in 2015 - 2016 year. Be yourself with some minor tuning b/c you are who you are and anyone that loves you need to accept that and appreciate ur uniqueness or you wont have a good relationship.
Some pointers: Put priority into relationship; make the boy feel special; do some spontaneous, romantic things; be honest; be nice; be yourself; be respectful; have trust and be trustworthy; be clean; be interested; dont be possessive or clingy. Show confidence, be happy with yourself, have love for yourself and others and that always wins a true heart.

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