Are there children in my horoscope?

MySelf: Birth details 8 march 1977, Gudivada 9.28 AM

Husband's: 3 Feb 1975 Tanuku 6.52 AM

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The placement of the 5th lord and the karaka for children is well placed in your chart.

Presently you are going through Jupiter dasa and Rahu bukti. This dasa should be giving you children through some sort of medical intervention. The placement of Rahu and Venus indicate that you are suffering from PCOD problem.

It would be correct to contact a good gynecologist and proceed.

Good Luck

there is children in your chart
there is delay in having children in your husband chart

nonetheless after having children you and your husbands income will rise since in your chart the lord of 5th sun is in 11th house
in your husband chart the lord of 5th is in 2nd house creating lakshminayan yog.

in your chart you are likely to have a son
in your husband chart he is likely to have a daughter

but there is children in your life.

here is what you have to do: HAVE SEX

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