When will i come out of this marriage?

My date of birth is 26 December 1980 and time of birth is 03:06 am & place of birth is Delhi, India. It was a love marriage & horoscopes didn't matched that time.
I'm getting legally separated from my husband and the court case is in process. I don't want to get back to him as he was in extra marital affair & very demanding n greedy, i was not only hurt physically but emotionally too n bcoz of him i'm bearing financial losses too... Now I wanted to know when will i get separated from him as am very much tensed and facing painful period.

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Your chart does not supports love marriage but because of saddi satti, this loneliness made you attached to your husband which resulted in marriage. The court case will gain speed post June. By Dec the issues can get settled provided u keep up with the court dates, else go for marriage counseling and get out of court settlement.

You have tula as lagna and Simha rashi. Currently you are under mahadasha of sun and antar dasha of mercury. You might get divorce any time after July. However, you should do archana of Hanumanji every tuesday and chant hanuman chalisa for favorable results.

According to your chart it will take more time tray this year up to Dec.
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In love marriages you decide hastily and repend leisurely
all of us want to do surya namaskaaram only when we loose our eye sight

The sade sati is to give all mental trouble unbearable and the dasa bhukthi is eating all your savings / profits that is all jupiter is now in eight house from rashi and hidden he will come to nineth in april he will move to yourbhagyasthaana

So be patient for another 10 months all your problems will be over.

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