Which gemstone to wear?

Hi, I am Taurus and my wife is Scorpio by Zodiac sing having some issues in between. Please suggest how to decide or how do i know ,which Gemstone to wear in which finger?
Also, which Gemstone relates to which Planet or zodiac signs?

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Aries: Confused personality - Wearing Diamond may give a clear vision and direction in life.
Taurus: Keen towards material things - Suggested stone Emerald, helps in making decision making power.
Gemini: Pearls sing of purity - Add calm, stability and boost your personality.
Cancer: Hard exterior personality, soft by heart - Ruby for self protection.
Leo: Wearing Peridot/ Olivine signifies beauty and strength.
Virgo: Sapphire for intense energy, sharp mind and beauty.
Libra: A balanced personality - Opal to absorb -ve energy around.
Scorpio: Possessive & jealous by nature - Topaz to maintain friendship, relations & be relaxed.
Sagittarius: Sign of FIRE - Turquoise to be calm, cool & promote happiness.
Capricorn: Emotional by heart - Garnet for clear focus & success.
Aquarius: Stubbornness - Amethyst for courage & peace.
Pisces: Emotional - Aquamarine for better health.

The first finger is called index finger. Its called GURU, finger for Planet Jupiter. Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj Gemstone should be worn in Index finger.

The second finger is called middle finger. It relates to Planet Saturn, Venus and Rahu. The representative Gemstones as Blue Sapphire #Neelam, Diamon #Heera and Hessonite #Gomed should be worn in Middle finger.

Third finger is named Ring Finger. Ring finger relates to Planet Sun and Mars, Wearing Ruby #Manik and Red Coral #Moonga is good.

Small/ last finger relates to Planets Mercury, Venus, Moon and ketu as representative Gemstones Emerald #Panna, Diamond #Heera, Pearl #Moti and Cat’s Eye #Lehsunia.

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