Why I should not marry him?

Last year, May 5 2014 at 12.10 we got register marriage & now planning traditional marriage.But I went to an astrologer asking when we can marry? He told that I should get married after 27 age not now if married to anyperson I will get divorce, or become widow. after seeing his kundali he said u should not marry him he will make use of you & through away or u will die.

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POB:Pattukottai, thanjavur

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Time:1:59 am

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Astrology if you two love each other! Even if you are not such a good match, love is what counts!
I had many crushes that according to Astrology were good matches but they didn't like me? So in the end I'm still alone!

Astrologer is an imbecile scammer ! Always do your personal things, ONLY when YOU decide them. It is not the business of your parents or an stupid weirdo astrologer.
You feel depressed because of you believe and obey the imbecile astrologer / scammer.


Astrology is just a stupid myth, there is absolutely NO way someone can predict your future unless that someone is GOD, trust me on that... Take your own decisions and pray to GOD that he will work his will in your life and you will have a bright future...

Astrology is a scam. It is superstition. It means NOTHING. You should marry each other if you love each other, and that's all. No one can tell you your future. NO ONE.

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