What can I expect from my relationship?

Hello! My name is Elen. My birthday is 5/11/1984, 05:05am in Athens,Greece. I have relationship with George. His birthday is 22/2/1980, 08:20am in Athens,Greece. Will my partner propose to live toge...

Will I go abroad for education this year?

Will I go abroad for education this year? i'm leo

Why do people believe in this horoscope

Why do people believe in this horoscope stuff? I don't understand it at all.?

Superior Zodiac Signs

Why do people argue over which zodiac sign is superior to another? And why do people hate specific signs?

when will i get merried ?

I mean , in which age and year i ll get married ?, and about my life partner and wedding and how many childrens will i have in my future


Is human nature depend on their zodiac sign??

will I have another kid

I already have a girl baby and had a ectopic pregnancy (tubal) and my right tube was removed. I want to know if I will have another kid. I really want to have another kid. Thanks

What's the significance of numbers in numerology?

What are master numbers and why are they so much significant in numerology?

Where can I find 2016 Horoscope?

Its almost half of year 2015. Is there a way I can see the horoscope & astrology predictions for 2016 year in advance. Thanks

When can i make a property?

Date of Birth 30th Dec 1979 , 10.38 am 1st H Kethu lagna, 4th H Moon, 7th Rahu, Jupiter & Mars, 8th H Shani, 11th H Mercury & Sun, 12th H Venus. Born at Kharaghpur (midnapur dist West Bengal)

Does Horoscope matters?

I always read my horoscopes saying that I won't have a good year...or would never have a good husband...n happy family life...more workaholic and my life will be unstable...family relations will be ru...

Which gemstone to wear?

Hi, I am Taurus and my wife is Scorpio by Zodiac sing having some issues in between. Please suggest how to decide or how do i know ,which Gemstone to wear in which finger? Also, which Gemstone relate...

Love love love love love

Who is the person represented in my natal chart like my future husband and how will I recognise him (his occupation and physical description: eyes colour, hair colour, is he tall or short person, and...

What's my love horoscope for 2015?

Hi astrologer. . I am 34 years still looking for real love. My date of birth is 23 of march 1980 And zodiac sign is Aries. Please suggest what's my love horoscope for 2015 and 2016 year. thanks

Who is the person represented in my natal chart like my husband? And do I know him already?

Who is the person represented in my natal chart like my husband (his occupation and physical description: eyes colour, hair colour, is he tall or short person)? And do I know him already? Date of ...

Does your name affect your life?

Whats the importance of our name in our life. Does it plays any role in Astrology/ Horoscope??

i want to ask about my marriage

my dob- 10 january 1985, tob- 9: 10 am, pob-kanpur, up.when will i get married(love or arrange)?will i live a happy married life?

Chance of purchasing or acquiring property DOB 06-12-1969, time 3:05AM

My wish to have agriculture land and home by which I can get money and peaceful life. I want to do something different by which I can earn my good identification.

my age is alredy 45 years not married tell which year ny narrigr my marrid

my name is shantharaju h.r 18;12;1970 born i want to know my futire and marrigr life trll me correct when will iget married and how will be my life

Marriage timing in my horoscope?

Whats is marriage timing in my horoscope? Date of Birth: january 15 1987 Date of Time:9.40pm Place of Birth: Jaipur, Rajasthan

When will i come out of this marriage?

My date of birth is 26 December 1980 and time of birth is 03:06 am & place of birth is Delhi, India. It was a love marriage & horoscopes didn't matched that time. I'm getting legally separated from m...

Whats the lucky color for ARIES; Zodiac Sign?

Hi, I am Aries 23; Zodiac sign. Can any body advise, what colors to be worn and what colors to be avoided?? Is there any impact of what we wear to our horoscope and day to day life.

How Cosmic Calendar is connected with Astrology & Horoscope predictions?

I have done some basic study to Cosmic Calendar and studying Astrology these days. I need to know how Cosmic Calendar is connected with Astrology & Horoscope predictions? Please guide.

As per Vaastu what plants bring positivity?

I am thinking to have some plants in my living room or bedroom and lobby area. Please suggest what type of indoor plants or decorative plants help catching positivity?

when will I find love and description of that man?

I am divorced since 2006. no kids I would like to know when will I start relationship that leada me to my second marriage and description of that man. Younger or older than me? From my country? I was ...

Any chance to buy property in my horoscope?

Is there is any chance of purchasing or acquiring property in my horoscope..? My Birth details are : 3-feb-1986,11.35am, ujjain (India)

What tree plantation goes with zodiac sings or vaastu shastra

Is there any significance of planting tree at home goes with vaastu shastra or our zodiac sign. If yes then what trees we need to plant??

Dating Horoscope?

I want to know if there is any dating site that allow you to search people by horoscope, for example: to tick the "Taurus" sign and show me all the Taureans available,it might sound weird but I do bel...

Will I go abroad for education this year?

My dob is 12/05/1991 Time of birth is 00:20 am Place is Lucknow, India I have applied to various colleges in singapore. Is there any chance I'd be selected? If yes, when can I expect to leave? ...

I want to study astrology

I live in USA. I want to study astrology & horoscope predictions. Distance edu course. Is it possible from here?

How everyone's astrology birth chart different?

I want to understand how does everyone's birth chart different in astrology?

How Vaastu Shastra is connected with Zodiac signs

Does the direction of the entrance of a home have any relation with the ZODIAC sign of the owner?

Is there any chance of purchasing property in my horoscope?

Is there any chance of purchasing or acquiring property in my horoscope? Date of Birth: 3-feb-1986,11.35am Place: Ujjain (India)

Do i have Home of my own in my horoscope?

Do i have Home property of my own in my horoscope, IF SO WHEN is best time that i will buy it as of now am getting very tempted to buy a plot for myself. Name : Revathi , DOB: 11 January 1988, Time...

Higher Education Abroad Indication in Horoscope

I have received admits from many world renowned universities to pursue my masters in chemical engineering. So wanted to know whether I will go abroad this year and is higher education indicated in my...

I want to know my daughter education horoscope?

I want to know my daughter education & horoscope. What & how she will do in studies. Name of my daughter: Mythili Her date of birth: 8july1989 time of birth: 22:10 place: Miryalaguda a.p

Horoscope and child birth

I have been married for 11 months and still not conceived, treatments taken have also not shown any results yet. My question is does horoscope match have any role in me conceiving a child?

Are there children in my horoscope?

MySelf: Birth details 8 march 1977, Gudivada 9.28 AM Husband's: 3 Feb 1975 Tanuku 6.52 AM

Should i believe in love horoscopes?

Okay well i was just wondering if love horoscopes r even accurate and i'm not sure if i should believe it or not. i read something about gemini's (me) and aries (my crush) being perfect for each other...

What is my love horoscope?

I am a leo aug/22/1985 - female and need to know my love horoscope. Thanks

Business horoscope or a job horoscope?

What is best for for. Doing Business or a regular job. And the important is when will money come. Date of Birth: 9 June 1981 Time of birht: 4:00 am and place of my birth is Himachal pradesh, Indi...

Astologers do i have any chances of gov job horoscope?

I want to get a GOVT. JOB. Dob 27 aug,93. Time 7.12pm .place kandi wb. Chances of gov job and my marriage life horoscope

2015 has your horoscope changed your life?

I started reading my horoscope since I was twelve and stated following it everyday. It help me out on some days, but now I starting to get a little tired of it. Now I want to make my own personality t...

Why are Horoscopes so important?

I see alot of questions on here asking about horoscopes and stuff.. I dont really understand the concept of the whole thing, i never really have?? Do you guys think its as important as it seems?? Ju...

What signs are the most family oriented?

What signs are the most family oriented?

How would this horoscope family react with each other?

Father - Virgo Mother - Libra The Pisces son is the youngest. The Leo is the middle child. Virgo is the oldest.

Where can I get 2015 health horoscope?

Hi, I am curious about how 2015 is going to be for me. Can anyone suggest me any good 2015 health horoscope? Or some good 2015 astrology website where I can find predictions for my zodiac sign. Sorry ...

Health Horoscope for 2015?

2015 Health Horoscope and numerology results too [ related to health] plz.... i really need help...my grandma is in ICU plz...All related to health!! I need todays prediction as well as the week aft...

I wana have sex with my girlfriend?

You see we've been dating for over a month, and she has starting telling me when we see each other, she would more often tease me and do sexual stuff like take showers with her and such (she's pervert...

Best daily horoscopes by zodiac sign for 2015?

Is there a way to get best daily horoscope by zodiac sign for 2015. I dont want a paid service. Its good to get it for free.

Can anyone tell me what are the aspects of rahu and ketu??

Everyone planet has it own aspect....saturn has 3rd,10th aspect from itself similarly what are the aspects of rahu and ketu in general??? what are the aspects of rahu when it is in conjunction with s...

Please analyse my mother's horoscope for her health and longevity?

We had not yet been able to construct a house...........and she was not happy till date due to many reasons...is any major change in her life indicated? she has born on 17 april 1952 at cochin at 2p...

Which house in horoscope rules health?

Which house in horoscope or astrology guide, rules or dominate health in horoscope for a zodiac sign??

Aries are compatible with what sign?

Zodiac Sign Aries are best compatible with what sign? Please suggest.

Can I be rich??

Date of birth: 7 feb 1981 Time of birth: 2; 45 am Place of birth: Delhi, indIa Let me know if any other information is required beside this. Thanks

Which Work/ job is best to me According to my Horoscope?

July 03rd 1987 Morning 9:36 - Bangalore I learned Handwriting Analysis (Graphology) & now I am running Handwriting Improvement Classes With my sister ( my Uncle daughter) for children. Is it good jo...

I got a new job and I love it, but one problem?

Is that they all think I am shy? And this doesn't really help. Some people interpret it as me being very arrogant and mean and rude. Sometimes aloof. When I do not mean to be like that at all. I was j...

When will I get a job according to my horoscope?

My date of birth is January 27, 1988. I am a male, born in New Delhi, India at 08:39 AM. I was recently layed off from work. Was there any indication of this happening according to my chart? And ho...

Do age-gap relationships work out?

My girlfriend is nine years elder to me and we both are very serious to take it ahead. I'm in my last year of graduation and she's ready to wait for next three to four years until I get settled. But r...

Why I should not marry him?

Last year, May 5 2014 at 12.10 we got register marriage & now planning traditional marriage.But I went to an astrologer asking when we can marry? He told that I should get married after 27 age not no...

Give me a free psychic reading?

Just wondering if anyone here can give a free psychic reading... In desperate need of guidance

Are Horoscopes real?

m a BIG fan with horoscopes. But now im starting to think it's not real. My sun sign is Leo, moon sign: Pisces, Rising: Cancer, mercury: leo, Venus: Cancer, Uranus: Aquarius. Point is, I love astrolog...

What zodiac signs has the most attractive females?

Speaking from your experiences or opinions. And what is YOUR zodiac sign as well?

Which sign is sexier: Aries or Virgo?

Which sign is sexier: Aries or Virgo? Taurus or Libra? Gemini or Scorpio? Cancer or Sagittarius? Leo or Capricorn? Virgo or Aquarius? Pisces or Leo? As you can see, I'm comparing ...

Believe in zodiac signs love compatibility

Do you really belive in zodiac signs love compatibility?