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What can I expect from my relationship?

Hello! My name is Elen. My birthday is 5/11/1984, 05:05am in Athens,Greece. I have relationship with George. His birthday is 22/2/1980, 08:20am in Athens,Greece. Will my partner propose to live toge...

What's my love horoscope for 2015?

Hi astrologer. . I am 34 years still looking for real love. My date of birth is 23 of march 1980 And zodiac sign is Aries. Please suggest what's my love horoscope for 2015 and 2016 year. thanks

Who is the person represented in my natal chart like my husband? And do I know him already?

Who is the person represented in my natal chart like my husband (his occupation and physical description: eyes colour, hair colour, is he tall or short person)? And do I know him already? Date of ...

when will I find love and description of that man?

I am divorced since 2006. no kids I would like to know when will I start relationship that leada me to my second marriage and description of that man. Younger or older than me? From my country? I was ...

Dating Horoscope?

I want to know if there is any dating site that allow you to search people by horoscope, for example: to tick the "Taurus" sign and show me all the Taureans available,it might sound weird but I do bel...

Should i believe in love horoscopes?

Okay well i was just wondering if love horoscopes r even accurate and i'm not sure if i should believe it or not. i read something about gemini's (me) and aries (my crush) being perfect for each other...

What is my love horoscope?

I am a leo aug/22/1985 - female and need to know my love horoscope. Thanks

Do age-gap relationships work out?

My girlfriend is nine years elder to me and we both are very serious to take it ahead. I'm in my last year of graduation and she's ready to wait for next three to four years until I get settled. But r...

What zodiac signs has the most attractive females?

Speaking from your experiences or opinions. And what is YOUR zodiac sign as well?

Believe in zodiac signs love compatibility

Do you really belive in zodiac signs love compatibility?