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Marriage & Children

Do you have question in your life about your marriage & children and want any astrology answer? ASK your Question with Free Horoscope 4 U

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Call / whatsapp +27631931241 Have you ever been in a failed relationship? Did you often feel like your partner did not 'get' you? Are you having many obstacles in your life? Is your love life falling ...

when will i get merried ?

I mean , in which age and year i ll get married ?, and about my life partner and wedding and how many childrens will i have in my future

will I have another kid

I already have a girl baby and had a ectopic pregnancy (tubal) and my right tube was removed. I want to know if I will have another kid. I really want to have another kid. Thanks

Which gemstone to wear?

Hi, I am Taurus and my wife is Scorpio by Zodiac sing having some issues in between. Please suggest how to decide or how do i know ,which Gemstone to wear in which finger? Also, which Gemstone relate...

Love love love love love

Who is the person represented in my natal chart like my future husband and how will I recognise him (his occupation and physical description: eyes colour, hair colour, is he tall or short person, and...

Marriage timing in my horoscope?

Whats is marriage timing in my horoscope? Date of Birth: january 15 1987 Date of Time:9.40pm Place of Birth: Jaipur, Rajasthan

When will i come out of this marriage?

My date of birth is 26 December 1980 and time of birth is 03:06 am & place of birth is Delhi, India. It was a love marriage & horoscopes didn't matched that time. I'm getting legally separated from m...

Horoscope and child birth

I have been married for 11 months and still not conceived, treatments taken have also not shown any results yet. My question is does horoscope match have any role in me conceiving a child?

Are there children in my horoscope?

MySelf: Birth details 8 march 1977, Gudivada 9.28 AM Husband's: 3 Feb 1975 Tanuku 6.52 AM

Why I should not marry him?

Last year, May 5 2014 at 12.10 we got register marriage & now planning traditional marriage.But I went to an astrologer asking when we can marry? He told that I should get married after 27 age not no...