Aries are compatible with what sign?

Zodiac Sign Aries are best compatible with what sign? Please suggest.

Can I be rich??

Date of birth: 7 feb 1981 Time of birth: 2; 45 am Place of birth: Delhi, indIa Let me know if any other information is required beside this. Thanks

Which Work/ job is best to me According to my Horoscope?

July 03rd 1987 Morning 9:36 - Bangalore I learned Handwriting Analysis (Graphology) & now I am running Handwriting Improvement Classes With my sister ( my Uncle daughter) for children. Is it good jo...

I got a new job and I love it, but one problem?

Is that they all think I am shy? And this doesn't really help. Some people interpret it as me being very arrogant and mean and rude. Sometimes aloof. When I do not mean to be like that at all. I was j...

When will I get a job according to my horoscope?

My date of birth is January 27, 1988. I am a male, born in New Delhi, India at 08:39 AM. I was recently layed off from work. Was there any indication of this happening according to my chart? And ho...

Do age-gap relationships work out?

My girlfriend is nine years elder to me and we both are very serious to take it ahead. I'm in my last year of graduation and she's ready to wait for next three to four years until I get settled. But r...

Why I should not marry him?

Last year, May 5 2014 at 12.10 we got register marriage & now planning traditional marriage.But I went to an astrologer asking when we can marry? He told that I should get married after 27 age not no...

Give me a free psychic reading?

Just wondering if anyone here can give a free psychic reading... In desperate need of guidance

Are Horoscopes real?

m a BIG fan with horoscopes. But now im starting to think it's not real. My sun sign is Leo, moon sign: Pisces, Rising: Cancer, mercury: leo, Venus: Cancer, Uranus: Aquarius. Point is, I love astrolog...

What zodiac signs has the most attractive females?

Speaking from your experiences or opinions. And what is YOUR zodiac sign as well?

Which sign is sexier: Aries or Virgo?

Which sign is sexier: Aries or Virgo? Taurus or Libra? Gemini or Scorpio? Cancer or Sagittarius? Leo or Capricorn? Virgo or Aquarius? Pisces or Leo? As you can see, I'm comparing ...

Believe in zodiac signs love compatibility

Do you really belive in zodiac signs love compatibility?