I wana have sex with my girlfriend?

You see we've been dating for over a month, and she has starting telling me when we see each other, she would more often tease me and do sexual stuff like take showers with her and such (she's perverted like me) and tbh I wanted to ask her later when we're together long enough if we should have sex. (I'm a Capricorn, she is a Cancer) and if i should ask her something like that or not. is it even possible to do so(legal) ?? And any help is appreciated.

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I won't say what you should or what you shouldn't do. I'm not your mom or dad. I don't know how you were raised and what are your beliefs.
However I advise you to wait until you both reach the age of consent in your state/country at least, but the last say is yours and hers.
And this question is probably on the wrong section. You sun sign has nothing to do with your question and it wouldn't change my answer.

It's NOT legal at all, since both of you are under 18. But if you really love her then go ahead.

You're too YOUNG. You're still a kid. What will you do in an event of unplanned pregnancy ?

Don't rush her it's very virginity XXX.

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