Higher Education Abroad Indication in Horoscope

I have received admits from many world renowned universities to pursue my masters in chemical engineering.
So wanted to know whether I will go abroad this year and is higher education indicated in my birth chart.
Also I have applied for many scholarships and wanted to know my chances of getting one.

Birth details
Date. 5 November 1991
Time. 14:52
Place. Bangalore

Astro Answer(s) - 2

The chances are bright. The Dasha of Jupiter always support education. The Antar/Bhukti of Saturn( which incidentally is also your 12th lord apart from being your ascendant), however indicates that the scholarship may not be that much, as you may have been expecting. But eventually with passage of time things will settle. Before leaving, do some relevant and potent Upayay for Ketu as sitting in 5th, with 18 degrees can play a spoil sport.

surya/ ravi- 9th house
9th house in sun- no doubt that you will have intrest in higher education (masters)

@9th house- debilitated-
@lack confidence sometimes
@chances of completion of degree becomes less because of Libra rasi in sun., but 9th is powerful house for sun, so 50:50
@you will go abroad this year within December for sure.
@ you will be separated from your father this year for education purpose
@no doubt, you will study in foreign since shani is in 12th, you may also adapt foreign culture.

all the best.

anymore queries, mail me.

God bless.

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