I want to know my daughter education horoscope?

I want to know my daughter education & horoscope. What & how she will do in studies.
Name of my daughter: Mythili
Her date of birth: 8july1989
time of birth: 22:10
place: Miryalaguda a.p

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Your daughter is about 22 years. In the normal course she should have graduated by now and carrying on. But you asked a question. It requires only an intelligent guess and not any indication from the stars and planets that you are worried about her studies. Since you did not disclose the nature of the problem, it is not desirable to make any comments.
You may consult with your family members, elders, her teachers and well-wishers depending on the nature of the problem. One point I would draw your notice that the horoscope, basing on which you wanted to know about her studies, is prepared on the most absurd and incorrect notion that earth is at the center of the universe and the sun, planets, stars etc. revolve around the earth. When the very foundation of prediction is wrong, all predictions made on such basis are mere guesses. And therefore they make guesses in such a way that it may mean anyways you interpret it.
Please do not go on mere guesses on such an important issue as the education of your child.

According to chart at present time is not good up to July but as basic of study is good.

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Source: http://www.kamalkapoor.com/astrology-predictions/educational-career-astrology.asp

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