I want to study astrology

I live in USA. I want to study astrology & horoscope predictions. Distance edu course. Is it possible from here?

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Did you mean Astronomy, there is no real career opportunities for Astrologers and I would be amazed if any University would ever teach such hokum as Astrology.

It is the abandonment of all science and common sense to assume that vast stars at incredible distances moving through the sky can have any, just any effect on anything at all.
I studied astronomy at Cambridge, take my word for it, if nothing else that this is just nonsense, vague answers that cover a vast range of experiences and the human mind makes a leap to include the experience with the vague prediction.
Experiment: Get someone to read to you the wrong horoscope some mornings and see at the end of the day if the wrong horoscope also fits your life.
There are 12 signs that means that an entire 12th of the world's population are having the same day as you, preposterous!

There are so many e-books available on the internet, of-courser paid. You can get one or two of them to start. But as such I didn’t ever find any online courser providing study or training on Astrology stuff.

Check google and good luck.

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