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Do the religious symbols and mahurats on entrance help in augmenting prosperity?

Direction, time, structure and colour are some of the features where the principles of Vaastu are applied to achieve a positive flow of energy. Along with these, there are some other guidelines too far prosperity.

The symbols like Swastika, OM, Ek Onkar or Khanda Sahib or 786 or Holy cross or similar icons, visible to all in a home induce energy and strength for the family members.

The opening ceremony or grihapravesh of any building – office, factory or house is not recommended before completion on construction. A welcome sign at the doorstep of home, showroom or office carries a lot of positive energy. The symbol of Swastika has great power and is recommended at the entrance or in the main hall.

A main door with an image of lord Ganesha in an office or factory is believed to increase wealth. Lord Ganesha idol in sitting posture carved or painted on the main door of a house is very auspicious but its back should not face the entire home.

A statue of Lakshmi or Saraswati on the main door also belongs positive energy and strength to a building. Always enter an office or house with your right foot first. A pot of water, covered with mango leaves, flowers and coconut is recommended in a puja room or a place where you worship, preferably in the north-east corner of the house.

An idol of Lakshmi should be placed in the drawing room. It is believed to usher in prosperity, success and happiness. 


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