Venus & Pluto conjunction

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All You Wanted to Know about Venus & Pluto conjunction

Venus takes 584 days to complete a full circle and transit between all the houses. Its influence is active for a short term - just a couple days, but it’s intense and can be even life changing. In this article we will be focusing on the Venus-Pluto conjunct.

People, whose natal planet is Pluto will find themselves in a swirling pool of energy that they control. This is a perfect opportunity to start a venture or make a risky investment - it may very well pay off if you don’t hesitate.

You may experience difficulties expressing your ideas. Don’t be afraid to take your time - choose your words carefully. People around you may feel uncomfortable because of the amount of energy you will be emitting, but your magnetic influence will surely attract new followers.

The decisions you make may have a heavy impact on the lives of your surrounding or loved ones as well, thus you should exercise extreme caution if this is the case. Keep in mind though that you will hardly be able to stay neutral in any kind of conflict, thus you shouldn’t hesitate to choose your side and push the situation to the limits.



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