Virgo Horoscope 2017 - 2017 Year Ahead

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Virgo Horoscope 2017 - 2017 Year Ahead

Except positive trends and personal intensity which will impact on all areas of your life. Make sure you spend time with people who are good for you. 

The Year Ahead: you are helped but the very unusual fact that your ruling planet. Mercury spends so long in sympathetic signs. Why don’t you take huge steps to fulfill personal ambitions which may have been pushed aside by pressing daily concerns. And don’t play your usual game of waiting until someone comes along who is willing to serve up the goods. Remember that you have no excuse for failure. But don’t be too hard on yourself. 

Love and Romance: Partnership is vital to you, yet this year you will be struggling to stand on your own two feet, liberated from the dependence on the past. February brings a shakeout, probably because you will decide that enough is enough. Your best time romantically speaking should coincide with Venus aspect to your house of Marriage in June and you will be revealing deep emotional secrets. Press ahead with whatever actions are necessary. 

Career and Money: This part of your year is important for money matters and a good time for you to start re-examining your whole approach to cash; whats certain is that you should not be pulling all your eggs in one basket. Spend your time picking up new skills and acquiring fresh experience. June could well find you receiving pennies from heaven. It could be an excellent month for leisure and pleasure. But where colleagues are concerned beware; if you have been taking advantage of someone you may now be getting more that you bargained for. 
Life is not a rehearsal – so give it your all. 


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